Google+ History

What is Google+ History?

In another attempt to improve the Google+ experience, the social media giant has announced that it is releasing a new feature called Google+ History,  which will allow you add past statuses, updates, purchases, pictures, and more to you personal Google+ timeline from a variety of social and mobile services. These objects are displayed in distinctive tiles called “moments.”

Google+ History is another attempt by Google+ to improve on current yet flawed Facebook features.  Facebook’s Open Graph API allows users to auto share information on Facebook, however, many users forget they’ve done this and end up sharing items that they’d rather not share.  With the G+ History feature, the user will be in complete control of what is shared and what is not, preventing some otherwise potentially embarrassing information being broadcasted to your hundreds or thousands of friends.

“With just a few lines of code your app can privately save moments (like a listened song, or a visited restaurant) to a user’s Google+ history, and from there users can share those moments with others,” says Google’s own Ken Norton in TechCrunch.

For users, this new feature is a convenient way for to add some zest to an otherwise punchless Google+ profile with rich content from your past and to give your profile a more Facebook-like, comprehensive digital representation of who you are. In fact, the feature is comparable to the Facebook Timeline features that allow you to create milestones for earlier dates of significance.

“For developers, it’s a great way to push your app’s content into the Google+ stream — and with any luck, create a Facebook Timeline-like bump in usage similar to how you’d useFacebook Actions for your app’s structured data,” says Jolie O’Dell of VentureBeat.

How To Register Your Site For Google+ History

According to the Official Google Developers Site, here are the steps to join the preview with Google:

  1. Add your Google account email below *
  2. Submit the form
  3. You may be sent a confirmation email — click on the link in the message to confirm your subscription
  4. Follow the Getting Started section of the technical documentation

Google does warn that this preview may not go smoothly- specifically stating the following on their blog: ‘Please note, we expect the preview to be bumpy. Your Google+ history might be deleted at times during the preview. If you encounter any bugs, please report them on the developer forum.’

For more information on Google+ History and to view a demonstration, please visiti