How to Get People to Hate You on Facebook

I read this awesome blog post recently and wanted to share with you in it’s entirety.  Here is the link for the blog if you wish to look at other articles: Share this article or the link above with others!  If more people would engage properly on Facebook, social networking would be a much more […]

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New Twitter Advertising Platform

What Will the New Twitter Advertising Platform Mean for Businesses?

Twitter has slowly but certainly been finding ways to commercialize and monetize itself. Ever since it began to offer promoted tweets and trends that advertisers could buy, the entire process has made a lot of profit for a lot of companies. However, the process was plagued by an inefficiency that has crippled it so far. […]

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Facebook Updates You May Have Missed

Based on your historical ‘check-in’ data, Facebook has released a new feature called ‘Suggested Events’, which will try to predict which upcoming events are most relevant to you.  As usual, the roll out on Suggested Events is slow; also if you haven’t used the check-in function, then you won’t see it.  In order to find […]

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Ron Paul

Which GOP Candidate Gets the Most Positive Tweets?

    According to the corporate media, Congressman Ron Paul from Texas has no chance of winning the nomination for the GOP.  According to social media, no one seems to be able to beat Ron Paul.  Which one is right? Ron Paul and the Corporate Media It appears that the corporate media has a bias […]

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