Should You Build a Website? (infographic)

Should You Build a Website? There are several basic questions to ask yourself regarding “Should I really build a full website?” This infographic helps to determine whether you really do need a website or not. If you just want to interact with friends online, then a personal website is unnecessary and social media will suit […]

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Social Media Education

Social Media Education: Classroom Integration

Social Media Education Don’t dismiss social media education just yet.  As many argue about the relevancy of social media webpages like Facebook, YouTube, or even Twitter in the classroom, there are some perks to using these sites that will not only stretch your student’s grasp of the concept but also invigorate their will to study. […]

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MBA Tour Survey Finds that 85% Believe Social Media Training a ‘Must’

Stacey Blackman, a writer for US News and World Report, recently published the following article detailing the importance of social media skills for M.B.A.’s.  I feel this is a great article and wanted to post for you to read in it’s entirety.  Enjoy! September 30, 2011 If you think social media is primarily good for […]

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social media for small businesses

Updates on Social Media for Small Businesses

  Social media for small businesses is an ever evolving, ever changing medium of communication.  Its a prepubescent networking tool and we’ve made this baby the center of our social and business lives.  But just like a baby we’ve got to keep a close eye on social media’s every move or we may lose it along […]

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social media

How to Use Social Media for Publicity

    If you are a publicist and you aren’t using social media to publicize your business then you’re probably living under a rock.  But don’t worry, its definitely not to late to start and the last thing you need to feel is intimidated by the process.  There are plenty of new social media tools […]

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